Shiba INU on Mobies app?!

Shib goes MBX?

People are working really hard to get SHIBA INU to Mobie APP.

Nearly all my friends owns only three coins: Cardano, Doge and Shib so I do find it certain that any or all of these three coins would be very beneficial for the Mobie Movement.

And Shib recently overtook Dogecoin on Coinmarketcap and has thus become an even greater force to be reckoned with.

In my opinion only MBX is a 3rd generation fintech company. It is the one of its kind and will be as influential as the previous generations.

The 1st generation was Bitcoin, Stellar Lumens and Ripple
The 2nd generation was Ethereum, Cardano, Fantom, Solana and Avalanche

The 3rd generation is MBX Mobiecoin.

MBX Mobiecoin might be the first common sense coin out there. The first coin for normal people.

The Mobie coin brings crypto into retail and opens up a whole new type of revenue.

When it comes to mass adoption Dogecoin and now Shiba Inu are too big to be ignored.

The 3rd generation of Fintech is here and Mobie Networks seem to be leading the way to look at and experience retail.

If enough people wants to shop with Shiba Inu – well in a market economy people usually do get what they ask for. And right now the market wants Shiba Inu.

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