Shiba Inu challenging bluechips like BNB, Cardano, Solana and Polkadot.

Shiba Inu is not far behind these assets and might flip these coins on a massive pump day.

At the time of writing this Shiba Inu only need to double one more time to take over BNB.

If Shiba Inu doubles up – it will flip BNB and be the third biggest crypto on the market.
Is this possible?

Well, if the Mobie Network does a spectacular run and 1 million people downloads the Mobie Network or if all Shiba Inu Holders download the app to be able to spend their Shiba inu on Walmart, Target and IKEA – then I personally think that Shiba Inu actually will be the third biggest crypto in marketcap.

There are a number of other factors of concern though: If the bullmarket continues, then Solana, Polkadot and BNB will pump as well so a simple 2X might not be enough to reach the bronze medal for Shiba Inu.
However, I do think some of the influencers out there underestimate Shiba Inu and one major reason for this is that MBX with all its connection is challenging Paypal.

MBX is under the radar for most major investors and influencers. Among the top influencers only Coach K has found and invested in this coin. Coach K is a MBX whale.

Other memecoins that have taken off recently are: Kitty Inu, Ryoshi, DogeZilla and Baby Shiba Inu. Tickers: $KITTY $RYOSHI $DOGEZILLA $BABYSHINAINU

Could Shiba Inu even flip Ethereum? That would probably require something bad happening with the Ethereum Network because Shib has to do a 12X from here to overtake Ethereum and be the 2nd biggest altcoin in existence. Shiba Inu would then only be smaller than Bitcoin.

Talk about the frenzy that would occur if both DOGE and SHIBA INU flipped Alpha Assets like Polkadot, Solana, Cardano and BNB. Shib actually only has to do a 1.6 to flip Cardano. This is totally possible.

Shiba Inu has already melted faces and could melt even more faces. So many are now trying to short Shiba Inu and that might create a Short Squeeze when people shorting the coin will have to cover their positions. People will short Shiba INU with triple or quadruple leverage and get wrecked doing it.

MBX has been very hot on Twitter the past weeks and could be the trump-card for the Shib ARMY. Imagine the pump that would come to SHIB if it was possible to pay with SHIB not only on Gamestop and AMC, but Walmart, Target and IKEA as well. Unless BNB did something drastic Shiba INU could very well flip BNB in a situation like that. People would start comparing Shiba Inu to Ethereum.

Obviously none of this is financial advice.

There is a risk that Shiba Inu Whales will dump the price.

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