Mobie Returns

Over 3 cents again

Mobie has recently reclaimed the 3 cents level while the Mobie Community on Twitter is curling up for exopential growth.

@YYYcrypto has pretty much gone parabolic with Mobie Memes and other content, MobieMobster is working like never before. Chris Carlino is keeping it up I see more and more of Carlinos posts and there are a few for me new faces, like Michele Kish and Rick Del Angel.

I have learnt about the Portugal Golden Visa.

@josephbevanko is one of those accounts that have been around for a long time. This Tweeter is from New Jersey and is apparently invested in Algorand and Shib besides MBX. The latter crypto – Shib – has been on absolute fire recently and it appears that a few members of the Shib Army has taken noticed of MBX lately.

Besides Shib a big piece of news has been Cannapay – Mobie creating Cashless Cannabis Payments something that is sure to get quite some attention among those who are into Cannabis and Marijuana.

Just as I am writing this Mobie is going from 0.031 to 0,032 steadily climbing back towards the old swing high.

I just want to thank everybody in the Mobie Movement for spreading the word about Mobie. Most people still have no clue that Mobie Network even exists. MBX have not been covered on the big influencers channels yet. Mobie has not been on Bitboy, not on the Moon, not on Crypto Banter and not on MM Crypto. It has not been on EllioTrades and as far as I know not any of the other big shows either.

We are closing in on 1st of November. After the weekend 1st of November will be here. We will have our weekly close on the 31st of October. Currently it looks like the euphoria phase – the last parabolic 50-60 days of the bullrun have been kicked off with the Dog-coins.

Still have the feeling that Neil Armstrong will have some visitors from the Mobie Movement this December.

Yes 1st of November is Launchday and it is a MOON-day.

Good luck Mobie Diamond Hands.

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