Mobie on Twitter

Mobie on Twitter

Accounts you could consider giving a follow – check them out.

I have some new accounts you should consider follow if you want to stay up to date with MBX and be sure you never miss anything of what is happening.

I have not been able to analyse these accounts yet, because the past week Mobie has gone parabolic on Twitter and I can’t keep up with the new accounts. There are more MBX enthusiasts than ever. So this list is certainly complete by any means. But it’s a good 2nd step if you want to stay in on what is happening with the great token MBX also known as MOBIECOIN.

Remember that getting into this coin could be like buying Bitcoin under 300 dollars. Besides trading it for profit don’t forget the long term potential getting into a company like Paypal early… So zoom out and have a long term strategy besides your trading.

@MobieMobster – An account truly devoted to spreading the ins and outs about Mobie and Mobiecoin. A Mobie Network ambassador.
@coingyver – Very active account that certainly decreases the risk of missing out on the anything vital in The Mobie Universe
@GalacticElder – a nice one to follow in the Mobie Family
@SeanMcDonnell5 – Irish ambassador for the Kardiachain living in Australia.

@Coachkcrypto – The influencer with over 60k followers. A MBX whale.
@Stigydor – Belgian account with a website on MBX.

@LINK1K – Chainlink enthusiast gone MBX, has friends with million-token holdings and connections
@newtradergambln – another Chainlink guy gone MBX, good rating on influencer AI, retweets the best stuff

@mobietime – MBX-tweets from Greenwood, Indiana
@mobiehodler – always good with people who HODL, keeps the supply down

If you missed the others to follow – these were:

@MobieSage – has his own YouTube channel, the videos are well worth a look
@MobieMoonMan – the memeist, has made many Mobie memes by now
@JenkenOW – the original Tweeter, seems to always have been there tweeting about MBX, knows more about MBX than the typical Tweeter
@themobiekid – was one of the first of the 2nd generation Mobie Tweeters
@savant_dikshant – has been spreading the word in active threads lately, inlcuding Shib-threads
@YYYcrypto – one of the most active account out there, an explosive account, is attacking on all fronts including with memes
@sebsats 4,780 followers, holds VRA and TEL besides Mobie, recently officially went into BLOK (before the recent big pump), lives in Florida and together with LINK1K has been toprated as an influencer on AI

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