Mobie Evolution

The future of Mobiecoin illustrated by the evolution of Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor (4th of February 1965) with Alma Mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made outlandish predictions for Bitcoin. In ten years he thinks that a Bitcoin will be worth $14 million dollars, based on a total market cap of Bitcoin of 300T. This is supposed to be realised around 2031.

Personally I think Michael Saylor is a Bitcoin Maximalist and there is sure to be other coins and tokens that will take major pieces of the market.

I will make a case for that for most ordinary people and “normies” Mobiecoin is a better investment than Bitcoin. We have to have a little bigger vision for where Mobie Networks is going. Mobie is so much more than a marketing ploy for people into wrestling. Sure, today if all the fans of Natalie Eva Marie this in itself would most probably triple or quadruple the prices of Mobiecoin as the market cap still is very tiny.

Mobiecoin recently doubled up – possibly because some of the intention it got from the influencer Coach K on Youtube. However, Mobie Networks (Mobiecoin, MBX) has a really active Twitter community as well. A community that has been on fire the past few weeks.

If Mobiecoin is going to become a solid alternative to Bitcoin it needs a strong community.

The Twitter community is one part of this.

Two other important keys is the future success or unsuccess with the partners in retail and gaming.
If Mobiecoin partnerships succeed the network effects will be considerable. And in the long run it is the network effects and the community that will propel Mobiecoin to a higher value per coin.

Mobie would be worth 300 dollars with the current market cap of Bitcoin. This is not an unreasonable situation for 2031. Bitcoin would still be worth 100X more if the prophecy of Michael Saylor would come true. A more reasonable goal for 2031 would be to compare Mobie with BNB and then the value would become about 20 dollars per Mobiecoin. That is still almost a 1000X from it’s current value and certainly a life-changing investment.

Mobie Network has the chance to become the new PayPal, but there will be many obstacles along the way and there is certainly no guarantee that it will be a top player in the fintech world.
If we look at the history of Bitcoin the price we can get clues on the price development of Mobiecoin.

In 2010 the price was 1 cent – the same price that Mobiecoin had just one week ago.

In February 2011 Bitcoin reached 1 dollar.

During 2013 Bitcoin went from 350 dollars to 1242 dollars

In 2014 the price of Bitcoin settled between 300-500 dollars.

I am pointing this out because in crypto making a 50X or 100X is not really unreasonable. Every other memecoin makes a 20X at launch with basically very little use case.

Besides the important of an app that is easy to use – the community around Mobie and the human network around Mobie are what will determine if Mobiecoin (MBX) becomes a success or not.

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