mbx to 2 dollars?

Fintech solutions

There are two big credit card companies – Visa and Mastercard.

There is one big crypto that people love to trade with – Bitcoin.

The biggest Crypto Exchange is Binance.

Concerning Fintech Paypal was the first company to create something new and they came out of basically nowhere.

If Visa and Mastercard was the first generation of Fintech then Paypal was the 2nd generation.

Google and Apple are working on becoming the leaders of the 3rd generation fintech companies, but Mobie Networks might be the contender that actually becomes the next fintech king after Paypal.

Mobie Networks are launching their app on 1st of November in the hope of bridging the gap between the normal consumers and people that are into crypto.

It has basically been flying under the radar for along time, but the past few weeks several articles have been covering Mobie Networks including news outlets like Yahoo Finance.

Mobie Network and its native token Mobiecoin MBX might be the solution to the biggest issue in today: The gap between the cryptocurrency metaverse and the real world of shopping. The real world of shopping with crypto. Simply using crypto as real money in the normal world. This is an issue that is probably as big as a finding vaccine against Covid 19 was in 2020. Especially since the total market cap of crypto has grown to 2.6 Trillion, closing in on 3 trillion.

The eccentric billionaire Elon Musk has made a name of himself promoting Dogecoin as an important currency in the future of the world. They community around Doge is strong and the coin has gone from being a memecoin to being a top 10 marketcap coin. It has even surpassed Litecoin also known as digital silver.

It appears that Litecoin and Dogecoin are two of the currencies that will be supported by the Mobie Networks App.

In my opinion it’s reasonable for Mobiecoin to reach a similar marketcap to Litecoin and Dogecoin down the road.

In a recent prognosis Twitter Influencer @sebsats called for a 2 dollar prices this year for MBX. It was a call as a possibility not as a proven fact. He based this call on Mobie Network reaching 1 million downloads and users of the Mobie Networks app.

I cannot rule out this as a possibility – especially not if a spot ETF would be approved in USA and / or another country like Argentina, Paraguay, Ukraine, Uganda or even Brazil making Bitcoin legal tender.

I have actually made the case of making MBX legal tender in Germany. Just because Germany being the strongest economy in Europe it would make major impact. It would probably be politically easier to make MBX legal tender in Portugal, Poland or Estonia though.

I am not a financial advisor, but recently MBX has gone wild on Twitter.

Other coins that are highly regarded in the MobieMovement seems to be 1. Tel 2. Versaity and 3. XinFin. Today there has been a shout out of UBXT Upbots. When it comes to upcoming layer ones Kadena has come to my attention.

As far as I understand it though MBX seems to be the one fintech company that really is the solution to what most normies consider be the actual function of a currency: To shop real products in a real store.
Many projects like Kadena, Multivac and Kardiachain and so forth seems not as easy to understand the actual usecase of. To understand Kadena and Multivac you really have to be tech-savvy or you just simply put your trust in those who claim these are really good investment thanks to their inherent technological quality.

The question that stands to answer if MBX is to reach 2 dollars, who are going to buy the coins when it has reached a dollar? There would be a lot of profit taking going on if Mobiecoin reaches 1 dollar. However, there might be people who think that MBX will catch DOGE this cycle and to do that Mobiecoin would have to do a 484X from here. It would then reach over 8 dollars. If Doge doubles from here MBX would have to reach 16 dollars to catch doge. If Doge reaches a dollar then MBX would have to reach over 30 dollars to surpass Doge.

It doesn’t sound very likely. Besides being a memecoin with an unlimited supply Dogecoin has a strong community with network effects as well as the backing of the world’s richest man: Elon Musk and probably Mark Cuban is an investor too.

To reach 2 or 3 dollars MBX would probably need the backing of a billionaire. Which isn’t really out of question. I have not seen any rumors or information to back up that a billionaire is about to go heavy in on MBX, but again, it’s not impossible that a billionaire would like to do just that.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

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