Mobie on Twitter

Top Twitter accounts for Mobie enthusiasts.

There are several good Mobie accounts on Twitter and they are good for different reasons.

The Mobie Youtuber CryptoSage is one account to follow for various updates about what is going on with Mobie Networks. This account is close to the pulse and heartbeat of Mobie.

Mobie Moon Man is the another account to follow, because many fun memes are posted from here. You don’t want to miss them, most of them are good, some are fun and a few are amazing.

The third account you probably should follow is David MBX because he shares much vital information. David MBX is a long term member in the Mobie Networks Telegram group and makes solid and relevant tweets about MBX.

If you follow these three accounts, you will pretty rapidly get suggestions for other Mobie Accounts that might be worth a follow. I would start with those three if I only could pick three. There are several others that are worth following as well. But once you follow 2-3 Mbx related accounts you will get more Mobie content in your feed on a regular basis.

Another way to find good Mobie content is to tap in $MBX, #Mobie or Mobiecoin in the Twitter Search box.

You will likely get the suggestion to follow Mobie Mobster and Mr Mobie Kid soon enough and they are well worth to follow. Mobie Mobster and Mr Mobie Kid provide slightly different information than the other accounts, and you would like to follow several $MBX accounts to make sure you don’t miss any good parts of the Mobie Movement. Mobie Mobster and Mr Mobie Kid are really focused on Mobie / MBX as you probably can imagine from their names.

Whether you like football or not there is a Liverpool supporter on the Mobie Team;”Dikshant $MBX.”

Here are the @-addresses of the Mobie Tweeters mentioned above:


Disclosure: I follow all above accounts and get my Mobie updates on a regular basis.

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