Crypto AI

I have used several different AI:s to find crypto.

However, I have realised that the Artificial Intelligence has to be combined with common sense.

Otherwise you risk getting into very short time pumps, that then dumps because the token you invest in is a meme without long term benefits.

One helpful site is – it gives an overview of different projects.

As time has gone by I have more or less become a Mobie Investor – MBX has really hooked me because of the potential. And I can’t really say that I can find a better alternative.

Still not going all in, I keep bluechips like DOT and BNB, but I really cannot let go of MBX as the best value for many at the current phase in the cycle.

All the news that is coming is pretty much confirming my hunches.

Will I become a Mobie Maximalist? Am I a Mobie Maximalist already?

Well… I have to get back on that one. For the moment I have to say I think you should get into Mobie / Mobiecoin ASAP and if you are already in you would probably like to buy more the next dip if you are not already all in.

Let’s just say I swapped all my Elrond for MBX recently.

I might be right and I might be wrong, but currently I cannot really recommend another coin.

Still think you should diversify a bit in your portfolio if you can afford it with some bluechips, and the AI I am using is picking up on DCB so a rally in Decubate might be incoming.

However, it is getting all the more difficult to diversify when so much is pointing in the direction of Mobie creating a superapp.

Some people say you should put all the eggs in the same basket and then watch that basket closely.

Probably you should check out Twitter and follow the recommendations you get – there are many helpful accounts and I follow more than the five mentioned in my last post.

YYYcrypto just recently posted my blog on twitter and is a self-proclaimed Mobie MBX Maxi.

I will get into more of the Mobie Tweeters later on hopefully.

The last few hours there has been a crazy pump in MBX and it really puts things in a different perspective. There seems to be a delayed effect – whenever there is Twitter-flurry a few days later the price follows.

To be continued…

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