From doge to MBX

Swapping Dogecoins to Mobiecoins might be a very smart move. Mobiecoin could do a 600X-700X if it reaches the marketcap of Doge.

One way to play Dogecoins imminent breakout would be to buy in now, double or triple you money and then move the profits to MBX.

Dogecoin might reach 5 dollar 2025, but so might MBX. The difference is how much more money you as an investor make with an investment in one of these coins.
The time to get in on Dogecoin would have been in November 2020 and the time to exit would have been in May 2021.

Today the fast and easy money does seem to be in NFT:s, but there will still be money in many coins including those on Binance Smart Chain.

Getting in on memecoins is more stressing than getting in on coins with solid fundamentals like XinFin and Mobiecoin.

When it comes to Rabbit Finance for instance, selling the top could have made you fantastic money, but chances are you do not log in on your account everyday or had your coins staked, and in less than one day you miss the entire blow off top.
I suppose something similar could happen to Mobiecoin, but if you compare the situation of DOGE and MBX then for the moment the potential reward is much higher in Mobiecoin than in Dogecoin.

Besides MBX I still think Xinfin, WTK and Blockbank might be worth a look . If you are into Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem don’t forget that there is a simple way to buy MBX on Pancakeswap. The MBX tokens are bridged to BMBX.

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