BMBX and MBX – What is the difference?

The difference for end user is simply that BMBX can be traded on Binance Chain (Pancakeswap) while MBX is what you buy on Uniswap. MBX is generally what you find on the exchanges. BMBX is the Binance SmartChain compatible version of the MBX token.

As you can see in my history I have made some crazy calls – memecoins that pump crazy hard and then dump even harder. Temporary Rabbit Finance did break insane levels, but then it dumped all the way back.

The lesson here is to take profits. Especially on memecoins.

I have learnt that memecoins isn’t the way to go though. It is too stressfull and too risky. Most of the time they follow the same pattern. A huge pump at the release, and then a slowburn down to the crypto abyss.

I am not a financial advisor and some of my blogposts and tweets will not age well. For instance: I am skeptical about Eth, Doge, Shiba Inu and NFT:s in general. They’re not really for me. I think ETH is slow and expensive and a potential America Online / Netscape. It’s an early blockchain that will get killed by new and more advanced blockchains like Solana, Avalance, Fantom and hopefully – Binance Chain.

When it comes to groups I have found that groups that are helpful and positive often are groups where there is real value. In communities where people are not friendly there are only short term speculators and weak hands.

The Mobie community seems more friendly and they do have a long term vision for their Mobie Coin. I like that. I did find the Mobie Community a bit like Pancake and Binance community before it took off. I think that Pancake and Binance are survivors and prefer Binance Smart Chain to ETH all the way.

But that is just me. I have a history of being overconfident about my investments and I am pretty poor at timing the market.

I go heavy on fancy indicators and AI – and it appears that such things only have a short term validity. It’s easier and safer to trade with real professionals like Sheldino in CryptoBanter.

When it comes to the Mobie Community it’s still very young, but CryptoSage has his own Youtube channel and I like it already.

Texas and Florida are early on crypto adoption, there are tons of great projects out there, but the Mobie Community believes that MBX is a future Top 20 coin together with Verasity, TEL and possibly XINFIN and Trias. They might be right about that. Arguably they mostly into Verasity and TEL besides MBX, but I suppose they also hold some bluechips like Stellar Lumens and Polkadot. In my opition Stellar Lumens and Polkadot are the better choices from a European perspective. Don’t forget that the European Union has a BNP to match USA. The best thing is to find tokens that are globally liked. That do not have a too strong geographical bias. I do have a geographical bias though, I think that Texas crypto companies will crush it.
I cannot really vouch for any of the companies MBX has signed up for except IKEA. I trust IKEA 100% – when I heard MBX had them as a customer I created an account at Bithumb. I had some issues when transferring tokens however. I took me over two months to get my funds. Luckily for me that meant MBX had it’s first correction. And I could get in on a lower price.

Bithumb was early in on MBX and have other tokens like KIN. They also have bluechips like Cake, DOT and the interesting project called KIN. I suppose the risks are really high when it comes to crypto and most projects will dump very hard already 2022. Some of them will not survive. There will be exit pumps. Hopefully MBX will not dump as hard as other projects, but if you go in on MBX prepare for it to follow Bitcoin like most other tokens. It will not be immune to dumps. Also remember that the players in control basically still control the entire market through Bitcoin. However, coins like ETH and DOGE also has a say and the exitpumps in ETH and DOGE will be much worse. Especially in coins like DOGE with no limited supply and big whales.

ETH might be one of those coins that die with the 2022 bear market. ETH is too slow and have too high fees. Elisabeth Warren might go after it. The European Union consumer right movements might ostracize ETH.

I think that ETH is a very risky coin considering it’s an old tech. You are better off holding MBX if you ask me.

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