Why i bought $mbx mobiecoin

To make somethings clear.

I originally invested in Mobie Networks, because I saw that they had a deal with IKEA and I found in convenient to use my crypto in real life. I could need some new furniture whether or not my crypto goes up or down.

Then a couple of months later I went through my portfolio and made some extra research and then I realised that Mobie Networks had more good things going for them than IKEA…

I did not think so much about the the partnerships at the time, but was impressed by them of course. I still have a feeling that in the long run Stellar Lumens will outperform Ripple. In my opinion XLM and XRP are both great, but XLM is the long term bigger one of the two. My hunches tell me Germans and Poles prefer it, and that Ripple will take USA, but Stellar will take Europe. I also think Stellar might be bigger in Latin America and Africa. So from my perspective building on XLM Stellar Lumens in itself was a very strong factor when buying in.

Nowadays the Stellar Lumens argument is no longer as strong in my mind. I keep my Mobie because I see it has the potential to go toe to toe with Paypal. It might even be bigger than PayPal in the long run. In my opinion Mobie Networks should be compared to Paypal, but also Mastercard and Visa.

I suppose a lot of people in the Mobie Family or in the MBX-army have understood only what I am starting to understand.

Paypal is dependning on Visa and Mastercard to work.

MBX is really not. It is depending on cryptos to work. If you have the Mobie App you don’t really need your VISA or Mastercard anymore- you just need Mobie. It’s a better solution than Paypal, Mastercard, Visa due to several reasons, one of them – it’s an Underdog.

To be cryptical, Texas is for me the new EGYPT and I have listened to several of Joel Osteens books. So for me the fact that Mobie Networks was a Texas-based company was not a negative. Texans in my opinion don’t take shit from nobody.

So I got the feeling that Mobie was acceptable most probably mcuh more acceptable and positive than the current banking system. I like Paypal, but I think that Mobie Networks has the chance to outperform Paypal in being more cryptofriendly and more convenient.

Even if I am wrong about most things, I still hope to order Pizza by using Mobie in the future. I will still use my Mastercard, my Paypal and my Visa in the future it is good with alternatives, but hopefully Mobie will be my standard way of paying for stuff in the future. That’s why I am stocking up with Mobie coins.

Probably the Mobie Coins will never be this cheap again.

Sure they will do go down a lot whenever Bitcoin drops. Crypto is very volatile. But just like Bitcoin Mobiecoins are sure to reach even higher highs in the next cycle. You will need to have some patience also and buy more on a regular basis.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

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