Babydot rising?

Why Babydot?

The maincase for Babydot might be the extremely limited supply of only 101 coins.

With that low supply Babydot could reach 1 million dollars per coin with a marketcap of ”only” 101 millions – a low sum in the crypto world considering price explosions in memecoins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Babycake. (Not financial advice).

Babydot or BDOT has recently gone down in price, but it has an active community on Telegram.

The other top reason for owning Babydot is of course the reflection where you earn a passive income in Polkadot just for holding.

The reflection is 8% on people buying and 16% when people are selling.

Babydot is very new, it came to life 20th of July 2021 – making its birth in the vicinity of fixed star Procyon. Mercury is in conjunction with Sirius and Venus is in conjunction with Al Jabhah – Eta Leonis.

The sun is also close to the star Tau Puppis while Mars is in conjunction with Alpha Pictoris.

To prevent whales from destroying the Babydot ecosystem they have taken anti-whale measures. If you transfer your Babydot between wallets there is a steep 50% tax. You can only have a maximum of 1.01 Babydot in your wallet.

My picks on this blog has so far been pretty spot on in the short term, but the collapse of Rabbit Finance has so far not happened to Babydot even if the price has been in a steady decline since the all time high of almost 17.000 dollars 27th of July 2021.

There are some issues with Babydot… It is not listed on a single exchange but Pancakeswap. This is of course dampering the ability to trade the token. Still, this also means there is an upside if a listing was to occur in the future.

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