60X Crypto

AI is showing that Binamon might pull off a 60X.

Token BMON is showing remarkable strength. Game tokens like DungeonSwap and Skill (Cryptoblades) are showing very much of strength right now.

DungeonSwap DND could do a 30X

Cryptoblades SKILL could do a 35X

Rabbit Finance is looking like a 45X

Pancake Bunny is looking like 22X

Hippo could do a 26X

The AI is not friendly towards Emax, Hunny (Pancake Hunny) and Babydot and is calling for dips in these currencies.

William “Bill” Noble from Token Metrics are calling for a dip and is recommending to buy in on Polkadot dips. Noble from Token Metrics calls Polkadot Web3.

He also recommends Solana, Perp, Audius, Elrond and possibly Quant despite that Quant has already ripped.

Token Metrics currently has 84.200 subscribers.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

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