Hedging Pancake Bunny

How to hedge your pancake-bunny.

Are you invested in pancake-bunny? Great! You have taken some risk to gain 26X-33X rewards. However, there are ways you can hedge your bet on pancake bunny.

It is through diversification.

The two most obvious platforms where you can stake other tokens for rewards are Beefy Finance and Pancake Swap. An upcoming hero might be Rabbit Finance. However, there is also a ”clone” to Pankcake Bunny; Pancake Hunny.

A small investment in Pancake Hunny, Rabbit Finance or Autoshark Finance might be worthy to consider.

An exchange that is trending right now is Biswap and if you stake your Biswap at Biswap or Autoshark. The yield is simply amazing.

These kind of yields are not sustainable in the long run, but in the short term your crypto could do well from staking Biswap or some LP tokens at Autoshark.

You can also buy Biswap at Hotbit and stake it there for 300% yield. Not financial advice.


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