PancakeBunny – A 100X Crypto?

After a deep dive into the crypto universe I have found some microcap gems that might be able pull off a 100X. The top pick for some people on Twitter is Trias. Other people put their hope to Emax. Both are possible multibaggers, but Pancake Bunny is a third potential 100X crypto winner.

Now, this is not financial advice. I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket, but these three crypto tokens are on my 100 X-radar.

100 X:s do not come easy. There will be many pullbacks and corrections under the way. There is also the risk of making a bad investments when you chase after 100 X tokens.

The Pancake Bunny website allows you to farm your Pancake Bunny tokens to increase their numbers. You can also take part in a Pancake Bunny Jackpot lottery where you stake your tokens for a free entry to win a big pot of pancake bunny tokens.

So keep Pancake Bunny on your radar. You can find the Pancake Bunny token on MXC and Hotbit.

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