Insane mathematics

There was a point in time you could buy a Bitcoin for 1 dollar. However, I suppose most people would be happy if they got it for 100 dollar today. Sure, they missed a 100 X, but in the fullness of time it might not be a disappointment – the rewards of buying bitcoin at 100 dollar after the first 100X would be considered great at 30.000 dollar…

Yearn Finance was valued at 30,000 dollars Feb 2, 2021 and then had a supply of 30,000 coins. Then the supply was increased with 6,666 coins and now stands at 36,666 coins. Still the prices moved above 40,000 dollars with a larger supply.

Defi Finance has a limited supply of 27,000 coins, 9,666 less than Yearn Finance. If supply was the only factor then the price for Defi Finance should be 1,358 times Yearn Finance. Not financial advice, but that would put the prices for Defi Finance at above 50.000 dollars.

Bitcoin is branded as digital gold, something Defi Finance also seems to aim for.

The price of Yearn Finance was at 42.733 dollars 6th of June 2021. The fair price of Defi Gold all other things being equal would then be at 58,074 dollars – not financial advice.

In an economy where people rather buy coins with unlimited supply (like Dogecoin) or coins with gazillions or trillions in supply (not talking about Safemoon, Safemars or FEG) then a little coin with only 27.000 in supply tends to be forgotten in the ocean.

Will DefiGold be a winner? You would have to ask Edgar Cayce or Nostradamus, but if you want to make money like Max Keiser then buying 50 DefiGolds would probably be more affordable than buying 50 Bitcoins.

If you want to have as much digital assets as Barry Silbert, Dan Morehead, Bulgaria and FBI you have to find lowcap coins with potential. If you look on Twitter people recommend coins like Trias, Hex and PolX. Other popular smallcap coins are TEL (Telcoin) and VRA (Verasity.)

On Cryptobanter they recommend “Bluechips” like Solana and Luna.

Token Metrics believe in AUDIO (Audius), Helium, Perp, Nano, Alpha Finance and possibly 1Inch.

Just remember that buying that enigmatic 100X or 1000X means you have to be an early mover, take a calculated risk and hold for 10 years or more.

In my opinion you would also have to buy a coin with a LIMITED supply rather than an UNLIMITED supply and probably you will have to look below the top 1000 coins on Coinmarketcap.

There are several microcap and smallcap coins on Vindax Exchange – and maybe you can find your lottery ticket to the big money there. While waiting for your LUNA:s, FEG:s and Safemoons to reach their frothy price-targets consider diversifying your portfolio.

A lesser known exchange like Vindax does mean lower liquidity than the bigger exchanges like Huobi and Kucoin.

If you want to hunt for low cap gems on Vindax – don’t forget the potential risks and rewards involved. (Not financial advice.)

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